Terms Of Use

This Agreement sets forth the terms and conditions that applies to the access and useof the Website/Mobile Application CHITRACARS including but not limited to “and” (herein after referred to as “MobileApp or Platform”), which is operated byM/s CHITRA GLOBAL SERVICES PRIVATE LIMITED,(hereinafter referred to as “Company”), a company incorporated under the laws of India and registered under the Companies Act, 1956.

Please read this page carefully. It contains the terms and conditions (the “Terms andConditions”) governing your access to and use of CHITRACARS Services.

If you do not accept these Terms and Conditions or you do not meet or comply with their provisions, you may not use the CHITRACARS Service. By subscribing to/using the Service, you hereby acknowledge that you are familiar with these terms and anychanges or modifications that may occur from time to time. If you accept this Agreement, you represent that you have the capacity to be bound by it or if you are acting on behalf of an individual, company or entity that you have the authority to bind such individual or entity. These Terms and Conditions are effective as of May 11th, 2020

1. Binding Agreement

These Terms and Conditions form a binding agreement (the “Agreement”) between you and CHITRACARS. Your access to or use of the Service indicates your acceptance of these Terms and Conditions. Certain Definitions.

2. The following definitions apply to this Agreement.

2.1 “ChitraCars Website” or the “ChitraCars Mobile App (Android/iOS)” (collectively, the “Applications”) means any application under the control of CHITRACARS, whether partial or otherwise and includes such Application’s Content, Text, Graphics, Design, Programming, and Services (as applicable in each context).

2.2 “Content” includes all Text, Graphics, Design and Programming used on the Applications.

2.3 “Services” means any services provided by CHITRACARS described herein.

2.4 “User” refers to any individual or entity that uses any aspect of the Applications.

2.5 “You” or “you” means the person who is registering to the Application (or the entity on behalf of whom such person is acting) is agreeing to these Terms and Conditions.

3. General Use Rules.

The Applications and the Services are intended for individuals seeking assistance in buying or selling cars or car related services. You may use the Applications and Services only for lawful purposes within the stated context of CHITRACARS’s intended and acceptable use of the Applications and Services.

4. Other Specific Rules Regarding Usage.

You represent, warrant and agree that you (a) are at least 18 years of age or older, and if under the age of 18 or the age of majority as that is defined in your jurisdiction, you will only use the Applications and Services under the supervision of a parent, legal guardian, or other responsible adult; and (b) will not use (or plan, encourage or help others to use) the Services and Applications for any other purpose or in any manner that is prohibited by these Terms and Conditions or by applicable law. It is your responsibility to ensure that your use of the Applications and Services complies with these Terms and Conditions and all applicable laws.

5. Alerts/Online Information.

COMPANY may send automatic alerts and voluntary account-related alerts from timeto time. Certain voluntary account alerts may be turned on by default, as part of theServices. You may deactivate or reactivate these voluntary alerts based on your individual preferences or options available.

The alerts will be sent to you electronically on your mobile number as per your mostrecent Registration Information available with. You can also choose to have alerts sent to a mobile device that accepts text messages. Changes to your mobile number will apply to all of your alerts. You hereby agree and consent to receive all transactional alerts at the mobile number provided, even if this mobile number is registered under DND/NCPR list under TRAI regulations. And for that purpose, you further authorize to route alerts to any third-party service provider or any affiliates, group companies, their authorized agents or third-party service providers.

However, sending of short messaging service (SMS) alerts are subject to TRAI regulations and also to your telecom service provider, as may be applicable from time to time.COMPANYcannot be held responsible for non-delivery or delay in delivery of SMS alerts to your mobile number.

You agree and understand that alerts are not encrypted. Alerts may include some ofyour personal and sensitive information. Anyone with access to your mobile will be able to view the content of these alerts; therefore, you should take proper care to prevent any unauthorized access to the said alerts to protect your own interest.

While we would endeavor to provide alerts under the Services in a timely and accurate manner, you understand and agree that any such alerts may be delayed orprevented by a variety of factors. You agree that COMPANY shall not be liable for any delays, failure to deliver, or misdirected delivery of any alert; for any errors in the content of an alert; or for any actions taken or not taken by you or any third party, on the reliance of an alert

6. Third-Party Services.

6. Third-Party Services.COMPANYreserves its right, in its sole discretion, to replace/appoint/re-appoint any or all third-party service providers to ensure uninterrupted provision of Services.

7. Payments & Refunds/Cancellations.

COMPANY through payment gateway facilitates online payment solution for services(for example, not limited to, for facilitating a Test Drive of preferred car). Payment Gateway is not a bank, savings association or any type of depository institution, it does not accept funds for the purposes of transfer or for deposit.

You also certify that any payment account you register with the Services is issued inyour name and is an account that you are authorized to use. You may pay bills usinga Credit/Debit Card (“Card”). When you initiate a bill payment transaction and/or issue a Payment Instruction and provide your Card details, you warrant that you are fully and lawfully entitled to use such a Card for such transaction(s). You are responsible for ensuring that the Card details provided by you are accurate.

COMPANYshall incur no liability for any reason whatsoever, if you are unable to effect any Payment Instruction on the Payment Date for any reason whatsoever, or you are unable to stop or prevent the implementation of the Payment Instructions. Payment gateway shall, at its discretion, with prior intimation to the User, charge the User for availing of or cancellation or modification of the Payment Instructions.Applicable refunds, if understood to be eligible, shall be initiated and credited per the norms.

8. Governing Law and Jurisdiction.

You agree that you will not to use the Services for illegal purposes or for any malpractices within or for the transmission of material that is unlawful, harassing, libelous (untrue and damaging to others), invasive of another's privacy, abusive, threatening, or obscene, or that infringes the rights of others.

The Application specifically prohibits you from usage of any of its Services in any countries or jurisdictions that do not corroborate to all stipulations of these Terms. The Application is specifically for users in the territory of India. In case of any dispute, either judicial or quasi-judicial, the same will be subject to the laws of India,with the courts in Hyderabad having exclusive jurisdiction.

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